Stacks (Hanging)

These are my stacks (yes multiple, since I normally have multiple tasks pending) that I maintain at high frequency. Each frame is one work item that is currently being worked on. While I work on one item, another one pops up (generally something that is needed for the current one) and suspends the current item - forming a stack, basically.

Hotwater Circuit Overtake

  • toplevel main()-like thing

    done basically; the following pieces are missing.

    • watchdog. could for example periodically check thermometers in case everybody else forgets -> easy and funny, simply pull the line on error. should make sure that thermometers raises the currently active exception of each thermometer. add clear_exception() to Thermometer.

    • poll() on every participant in the game. could do toplevel error handling, using the exceptions of each poll call, being the only one that writes to .Errors. HAH! maybe best be the error logger.

    • error handling: carry a simple table of errors to handle with a watchdog pull.

  • fix setup and installation

    • remove dbus activation

    • remove unit files except http

    • doc: move more of doc/ to toplevel: intro, installation, components, todo, panel

  • generator: create necessary symlinks

Component Documentation

  • Bloody “not implemented” pages

    • room refers to hysteresis

    • boiler likewise